Cutting Area
  • This area is used for cutting raw steel.
  • Different sizes, lengths and gauges are used according to the trailer load capacity and size of boat.

Parts / Bending Area
  • MFI fabricates a lot of the individual parts used in manufacturing.
  • One of the tools used is a bender to shape the trailer frame.

Jig Area
  • The jig can be changed to accommodate different sizes of trailers.
  • The trailers are formed in this area welding the beams, cross-members and axles to trailer specification.

Finish Weld
  • Fenders, step pads, bow stop and tongue are added to the trailer frame in this area.
  • Our best welders are assigned to this area because of the precise welds.

Wash Bay
  • Before being painted, the trailer must pass through a chemical wash to prepare the metal for primer.
  • This automated wash bay releases chemicals to remove oils and contaminants from the steel.

Primer / Paint Booth
  • Primer is sprayed on the trailer frame before entering the paint booths.
  • Dupont Centari 5000 paint is used to provide a slick, colorful finish for each trailer.

Dry Bay
  • To speed the drying process of the paint, the trailers are placed under over-head heaters in an enclosed bay.

Assembly / Finishing Dept.
  • The dried trailers are completed in this area by assemblers adding lights, decals, wheels and tires, aluminum steps, rollers, etc.
  • After close inspection by quality control personnel, the trailer is now completely functional as well as attractive.

Shipping / Loading Dept.
  • The trailers must either be stacked together or loaded onto a MFI specifically designed haul-trailer for shipping to individual dealers.